At Riverdale Middle School, we are devoted to providing a safe educational environment which maximizes each student's ability to achieve academically, think critically, and problem solve effectively.

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Book Nights!

Book nights are like orientation for each incoming class. Students can pick up their textbooks, school supplies, PE uniform, sweatshirt, and a copy of their schedule on these nights. Each class is assigned a certain night. Book nights begin at 6pm in the gym. August 5th – 6th grade August 6th – 7th grade August 7th – 8th […]


Summer Reading List

Summer Reading_2015 This summer reading list is for all students attending RMS in the 2015-2016 school year.

Dress Code and Uniforms

A copy of the RMS Uniform Policy can be viewed here. School sweatshirts and PE uniforms can only be purchased from the school. Sweatshirts and PE uniforms will be sold at all book nights (dates to come). You can purchase school uniforms from: Uniformity 7032 Veterans Memorial Blvd Metairie, LA 70003 Get 15% off if […]


2015-16 School Supplies List

Each student will be required to use a 3-prong pocket folder with loose leaf for each class. Each subject area will be designated a certain color. This will lessen confusion on the part of the students and parents. Hopefully, it will also help teachers to notice if any student is off task or working on […]


2015-16 Course Request Form

All returning students need to fill out a course request form in order to request your classes for next year. This year we are no longer passing out paper forms. but instead asking parents to fill out an online form which can be found on the school’s website. Course Request Form

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